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Dr. Michael R

Unfortunately, I developed sleep apnea and require CPAP therapy. Also unfortunately, I am an active, moving sleeper. I struggled with keeping the mask on while I change positions multiple times during the night.I was introduced to RingMaster and sleep is much better. The ingenious device feeds tubing as needed and keeps the mask where it belongs so much better. It makes using the CPAP much more comfortable. Thanks so much. I also travel a lot and the clip on RingMaster does a fine job of managing to the tubing when I'm on the road.

Then, I was introduced to the water funnel for the distilled water needed in the machine. I was constantly spilling while trying to pour from the gallon jug it come in. A simple little device ended the mess and spills.

I recommend these to my sleep apnea patients.

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Chris, BAS, Certified/Registered Respiratory Therapist with sleep apnea

The Ringmaster Hose Control System is a revolutionary device to aid in CPAP therapy. It not only supports the hose at night to keep it out of reach, but I can use the headboard hook to hang my mask up during the day. I have used this device for the past 6 months and rely on it every night and even during my travels. I will continue to use the Ringmaster as a beneficial accessory for my CPAP therapy.

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Bruce, Financial Advisor

I have used the Ringmaster hose Holder Control System for about a year now and could not be happier with it. I forgot to take it on a trip recently and realized how nice it is to have it. I sleep much better with it because I move around and even turn over without having to worry about getting tangled up in the hose. I almost forget the hose is there! I will be using it for many years to come.